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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  February 15, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. >> now abc 2news at 11. >> breaking news we are following. . >> a tough cross in the hugeley case. >> it's very easy to use. >> and you can find everything under the sun on it. we check out your interest. >> and still clear. rain on the way for tomorrow. how it might impact your kids after school activities. >> we start up tonight with the update to breaking news we have been following all night president the southbound lanes of i-95 at toll plaza are closed now and both lanes of 895 are closed too.
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a tanker truck overturned spilling ink onto the road. we learned that the driver has been taken into custody. he may have been driving under the influence. hazmat crews are cleaning up theness and will be tomorrow as well. leave early, give yourself extra time. traffic will be affected mid to late morning. traffic is being detoured around the closures. we will keep updating it on the traffic conditions and get the latest on good morning maryland starting at 4:30. >> and breaking tonight, we have learned there is a possible case of tb at unbc. the university is working with the department of health to isolate the person involved and contact people who may have been in contact with the individual. now tb affects the lungs and can cause a cough, chest pain, weight loss, chills, night sweets and a fever. the university is taking precautions but said it is very difficult to get tb through normal campus life. the defense is now giving a
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different view of what happened the night yardly love died. him think she suffocated and hugeley didn't beat her to death. >> reporter: tonight a brain expert hired by the defense team testified that love died not from blunt force trauma but from suffocating, they think she passed out on herbed and suffocate. that opened up the expert to a viciu, scious cross. an expert testified that love died from passing out in herbed and being unable to breathe. >> its going to want to create and raise doubt about whether
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or not that -- has been prove thant defendant hands were the agent that killed her. >> reporter: in a cross that lasted more than an hour prosecutor pointed out that no studies support the doctor's idea. they said there is science there, a lot of it, the response, i wish you could refer us to it the defense had to present a case because the judge denied their request to have the charges thrown out. the prosecution ended its case showing a photograph of love in a body bag. >> that brought home what the case was about. it wasn't about lovers or e- mails or blood stains, it was about a dead woman from baltimore that ended up after being in school here for four years in a body bag. >> reporter: testimony will continue at 9:30 in the morning as prosecution and defense still hoping to wrap up the case by the weekend. reporting from
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charlottesville,abc 2news. >> now update to a story out of edgewood that we first told you about in november. that is when joseph was killed after neighbors said he broke into their house. today it was ruled a home received police say the owner of the home has not been charged. a 13-year-old is missing tonight and baltimore police need your help to find her. corina ray parker hasn't been seen since yesterday. she was last seen in the 2,000 block of will streetf. you think you have seen her call the police. >> we are still following the gas main break tonight. people who didn't have heat last night still don't. crews are working around the clock on this break. tomorrow they will go door to door and check in with homeowners, hopefully they won't find water damage and they can turn the gas back on. it wasn't road construction or accidental, it was dead birds. hundreds of them, that stopped
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traffic on 95 north in laurel. they may have been stunned by running in to power lines. the back up went on for three and a half miles. >> reporter: some birds fly together in large numbers, that means they can get into trouble all at once. apparently that's what happened on 95 today near laurel. hundreds of birds were dead, they were onto shoulder n the road, everywhere. >> never ever in my life have i seen anything like this. >> reporter: this has happened before. you may remember in january of 2011, the mass die off in arkansas. many suspect it may have been because of fireworks. closer to home in december, about a hundred dropped out of the sky here at townsend. it has many people stumped. >> couldn't figure out what happened. never seen anything like this. >> reporter: that was the reaction of most drivers today on 95 and that's why traffic backed up for miles. >> just curious about running
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them over and getting them stuck if your tire. >> reporter: traffic crept along as workers cleaned up the birds. 95 was cleared by late afternoon. >> it's the power lines i guess. >> reporter: they may have flown in to the side of a passing truck. in any case sciencists say it happens in nature all the time and it's nothing to be worried about unless are you a starling. from laurel, don harrison. >> a potential management issue [inaudible] left the country, leaving patients in the dark about their tests. the discipline continues. joe city is following it as part of her continuing bad medicine investigation. >> reporter: that is right. we are continuing to update our bad medicine investigation by adding doctors to our special web section to keep you informed of any doctor that have had discipline action
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taken and today we have added three new doctors. you will find them on the website. we have listed them in different ways, the easiest way to find them is doctors by name. the first wassing running a pain clinic and his license was suspended because he was found to be prescribing excessive amounts of narcotics. that was a problem for those in his clinic and the board decided to suspend his license, that was just taken. you can read about him on abc another doctor was a baltimore county obgyn and he abandoned his patients and if you read his records what happened, it was reported that he had left the country and a friend went to his office and found more than 2,000 medical records.
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so serious action taken there. that doctor's license was revoked and you can read all about him, even see the court documents related to his file by clicking on any of the hyper links. you will find all of these doctors, all of their action broken down by gore category and by name. you can even check your doctor. you will find that all on the bad medicine page. abc 2news. >> weather wise, pretty nice to clear out there. temperatures dropping. we are now in the upper 30s, mild day in the mid50s, feels crisp to say the least and a few clouds in out of the west. no precipitation west. a cloudy start in the morning. hour by hour once we go past noon the chance for rain goes up, especially past 4:00.
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this rain maker will be out of here tomorrow night. we will talk about that for the weekend and the potential of a sunday weather maker. that's all head. >> warning, what you are about to see is a ddict ive. >> remember this, the menu, the maps, toys, pictures, less peace, all over the cork board. now it's organized,. >> from pin the tale when you were a little bitl girl to your interests. . >> ofi love it. . >> i feel inspired. >> reporter: the booths filled. >> i'm all about printing my dream kitchen. >> we love it. >> reporter: the fingers are loose, let the pinning begin. >> i se. >> i think it's the craze
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because it's very easy to use and it's a whole different thing than the other social media sites. . >> reporter: women love it. >> women ages 18 to 34 who do crafting and recipes, blogs and things for the house and they just lovet. >> reporter: don't be scared. >> i was overwhelmed at first. it was -- just a lot of images and i didn't want to deal with them. >> reporter: its like a recipe box. amall the ideas you left on scraps of paper. >> each your boards like a file folder. you may have one for wedding ideas, one for recipes, for babies and kids. >> it was when i was probably planning the baby nursery. >> reporter: and take a look at all the ideas she got. where is presley? there she is. once she grows out of diapers she will be a pinner. >> blueberry -- i will pint. >> reporter: what can you do
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with it? this is --. >> oversized large men's t- shirt and you cut it up and stretch it out and it makes a cute scarf. >> i started collecting used toilet paper rolls. . >> reporter: then a gallery of support who will guide you through telling you it make a rack of baby bibs. >> this woman in alaska who does a furniture building blog. she has six thousand new hits to her website per day. >> reporter: here is how to make a cheap necklace. here is how to organize ribbons, here is how to organize your hair. >> i feel like i'm addicted. completely. pinning a way of life. >> there you go. have you to lovet. look at this, i have been looking through -- gets a tan
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up there. look at n toll house cookie wraps, all these ideas, it says up here request an invite and that is when we bring in ak -- our expert on this. ak -- i think we should get the word out this is not an arts and crafts website. >> reporter: that is true. it's much u much more. from -- wedding ideas and foods that people can make to text, graphics and social media tips and tools and gadgets and you name it it's on there now. >> everybody is watching this, now they want to get involved invited but they have to be brought in. now how do you do that? >> reporter: that's true. right now -- you can for the next little bit you can get me on skype at get social baltimore and then if you miss me there go to social baltimore and you can ask me for an invite and i will send you one. >> very good.
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thank you. interesting. there you go. thousand s. >> it looks like at&t has had a change of heart. all the customer who thought you were grandfathered in with unlimited data you won't like this. and high school girls -- wondering how their pictures got on a porn website. we will check your privacy tonight. no surprise when you see a deer, now think of this on the wall. the growing popularity to keep your pet around forever. when we come back.
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. new video, watch what happens as a car comes through a alabama gas station. the cara voids the gas pumps but hits the store. police say the driver was speeding and lost control. he was taken to the hospital but nobody else was hurt.
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we all love our pets, some treat them like family. >> and letting go of our best friends can be hard. what if you could keep them with you forever? that's the idea behind freeze drying. this is a service that is called animal preservation, they use photographs of your live dog to mold it into a comfortable position. this isn't taxidermy. it's the real thing, molds are used. it takes several several months, when the process is done the animal will never decay. >> you get this little ball of fur that follows you around everywhere and i just became attached to it. >> freeze drying your pet is not cheap. it start around $800 for small, the larger of course the more money. >> here is why you should make sure your facebook account is set to private. a group of girls massachusetts said someone stole their pictures and put them on a porn
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site. it happened to 17 girls, some as young as 14. in them they were fully dressed but they were still embarrassed. >> this is probably one of the most uncomfortable conversations i had to have, especially with telling them that they were on the website. >> now whoever lifted the pictures was able to do it because of their settings weren't tight enough. >> we have a whole section on the website devoted to keeping your family safe. online articles show you how to manage your paper pages, just log on. you have had ray a contract with at&t, they grandfathered your unlimited plan over right? now it seems you may be forced to get a new plan if you want to use your smart phone for all it's worth. john explains so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: here is to you mr.
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smart phone data hog, mr. watching videos on his phone all day. you may soon find your service throttled. the associated press report that at&t customers who are grandfathered into unlimited data plans could soon find their phones slowing down. that means web pages will take much long tore load and videos could be harder to play. they said the company is now throttling or slowing data service for unlimited customers who exceed three gigs of data a month. you can hit that amount if you watch a lot of tv, if you use the phone as a gps unit in the car or list tone radio appa all day at work. new customers like verizon customers have tiered plans, you are billed more if you use more. they say the days of all you can eat data may be over because even if the plan says
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unlimited you could face lower speeds. for more reports go to my web page and click on the money tab up top so you don't waste your money. >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate. >> quiet night. temperatures dropping pretty sharply after a mild and sunny day for this midpoint in february which often times, times could be a rough winter month in baltimore . none of that so far this season. very little of it. a chilly night on the way. many spots will drop down freezing, as a reference i wanted to bring up the climate from the dame 54 today. ten degrees nearly above average. we have been as cold as just six above in 1943. don't be fooled, don't be lulled in to a false sense of security there. is still that possibility of a sharp winter punch over the next several weeks . none of it
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today. sun across the area and that was true in baltimore today. ellicott city a nice sunset to finish the day here, as the sun goes down on a fairly clear sky and kent island showing a great view the bay bridge and i tell you the gateway to the eastern shore showing clear skies and calm waters on the bay today. how long can it hold up in february? not that long. at least in terms of active weather. the radar is clear tonight. we know in to the day tomorrow that will change. cold temperatures tonight will bounce back up tomorrow, close to 50, as this comes in we have little concern of any type of winter weather. highs in the mid50s. tomorrow maybe five degrees cooler but we will not see nearly the sun, maybe a peek or two and this next rain maker getting its act together out to the best will continue to track across. heavy rains, western, kentucky, western tennessee, it's the thursday rain maker replacing
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dry, high pressure as we work in to the day tomorrow. the air at the surface is still crime we may not see that at ground level. probably virga. rain evaporating on its way down. i think as we go past lunch the rain will hit the ground. you can see as we work toward 2:00 tomorrow afternoon, at least the first lines of rain coming in and what will be the wild card in terms of how much rain is the area of moisture to the south. if it stays south we get little in the way of showers, if this moisture surges just a little further north by even radio miles we are talking about heavier, steadier rain tomorrow night. either way we dry out in good weather to start the weekend on friday, sun 50s, similar to what we had today. moisture to the south and the same storm on sunday, same storm track. the southern turn the key question. we will watch that. overnight 35, clouds increasing, the two degree
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guarantee tomorrow, cloudy and breezy and rain develops after midday. rain develops, how much of a movement that storm makes to the north. seven day forecast, bottom line is the temperatures still running mild. you know sunday even if we get a good amount of precipitation, right now the temperature profile is just not looking to be there in terms of winter weather for baltimore at least. things could change, still a little bitl early out there. is still that potential of a track though would bring the storm into a bigger tomorrow. we will watch that. >> watch it. got to. >> you have to d.. >> you know this? . >> you know this. if you have kids in school you know this too. the incomes and investments are down, price of college just keeps rising and tomorrow night we are working for you, helping you cut the cost of college. thursday night lue meet two families, one who is a senior graduating in june, she has
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accepted to schools where tuition can be $40,000 a year. more than her parents expected then the davis family, two young boys, seven and five. they worry what college will be in ten years. we learned that there money available. you just have to know where to look. >> pell grants, stafford loans and work study situations for students at schools and billions of dollars at stake. >> we will tell you where you can find that billion and other ways to cut down on the cost tomorrow night here on abc 2news at 11. >> want to look at that. that is ridiculous. >> flash backs? >> yeah. >> coming up last night cane said no, what did bachmann say? . >> have you to stick around. >> first a look at night line. >> coming up on night line a honeymoon gone wrong. a bride found dead and her pants parents suspect the
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groom. and the tiny drones take may be flying over a backyard near you.
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. maybe she was upset she wasn't the first they asked, whatever the reason she won't join the cast of dancing with the stars. the cast will be announced february 29th. >> can you read the write something you can't from the ground but you can with a flight path plan this is a test by a boeing 787. it took 18 hours, 9,000-miles to make it out, 787.
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this is -- just wasn't a joyridet. was a test and the sketch stretch from iowa to washington state. >> not just a game. word was friends becoming a thing. how many points for that? it's addictive, 20 million a month on facebook and others on their phones. the randomma opponent oposition is bringing friends over from all over the country. >> he just gave one up. >> just gave it up. >> so many games, we need a way to work out while we are on the laptop. some way. just combine it. rain for thursday, as we take a look at the forecast for tomorrow, 50 by four with a chance for rain in the afternoon and evening. keep the umbrella handy. ♪
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. all right. . >> all right. have a good flight. >> good night.
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